Fathead Dough Keto Pizza!

Fathead Keto Pizza from KetoCookKC
Fathead Dough Keto Pizza

Low-carb pizza crust made from cheeses, eggs, and almond flour? Fathead dough keto pizza is the real deal! Google has many variations of this keto famous homemade dough, but it is super easy. Here a how-to video, and also written instructions:

In a glass bowl, heat the following in microwave for 1 minute: 1.5 cups of mozzarella cheese and 2 Tablespoons of cream cheese.

  1. Mix as best you can. It will be sticky! Add one egg, pinch of salt, 1 Tablespoon milled flaxseed, and sprinkle of Italian seasoning, and 3/4 cup almond flour. (Egg and almond flour are the only required ingredient in addition to the two cheeses.)
  2. Now roll up your sleeves and dig in. Knead that dough and then roll it out between two pieces of parchment paper and bake at 375 degrees for 10 minutes, then flip crust and make for 10 more minutes until golden brown.
  3. Top with low-carb Rao’s Marina, cheese and your choice of nitrate-free meats and low-carb veggies. Heat again until cheese is melted. Make sure any meats you use are precooked.

For the pictures below, I made a double batch of fathead dough. Flipping the crust over was easier than I thought! It did not fall apart, and I had never flipped a pizza crust in my life! Make sure to read labels on the sauce you use. Rao’s Marinara is 4 net carbs per 1/2 cup. I have seen sauces as high as 14 net carbs. That’s a lot of sugar! I topped the pizza with hand-grated romano, feta cheese, and basil. Voila…amazing! If you’d like a keto resource on paper, this is the book I bought. Very thoroughly researched, options for varying food tolerances, and full color pictures.

Fathead Dough Keto Pizza
Fathead Pizza Straight From The Oven!

For more details on how to get your pantry keto-ready, see this Stock Your Kitchen post.

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Monkey Butt Bagel, Anyone? It’s Keto!



You’ve heard of monkey bread, right? With regular old wheat flour and a pile of sugar and general insulin-spiking ingredients? Well, I accidentally made monkey-butt bagels, but despite the look, they ARE keto, and they taste like paradise. Keto bagels that taste like bread! I cannot take one iota of credit for the recipe. That is here: Low Carb Bagel. I do, however, take accidental credit for the shape. I simply did not make the dough strand long enough before creating my ring, but for a first attempt, not too shabby. Oh, and I shaped a few as regular rolls as well. Easy peasy, but your hands will get sticky and doughy.


Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 7.02.50 AM

For the topping on half, I roasted sesame seeds and milled flax seed in my beloved Kerrygold butter. Not sure how they will taste once they have cooled, but wow! And the texture is decent! These ingredients are similar to the Fathead pizza dough that I keep hearing about but have not tried. Look out, tomato sauce and black olives…I am coming for you!

OMG, Parmesan Chicken & Cauli Rice!

No actual rice was used in creating this ketogenic meal. It’s parmesan chicken with keto cauli rice! I put half  a head raw cauliflower in my ninja to shred that baby. Then sauteed it in avocado oil with 2 baby carrots (uh-oh, the Keto police may come after me for the two tiny carrots), broccoli, scallions, and mushrooms that I’d cooked in Kerrygold. I stir in raw spinach at the very end so that it doesn’t get overcooked and slimy. Seasoned with salt, pepper, red pepper flakes, italian herb, parsley, or whatever you like…experiment!

Keto Cauli RIce Ready to Saute
Keto Cauli RIce Ready to Saute
Prepping keto parmesan chicken
Prepping keto parmesan chicken

Meanwhile, I had chicken medallions that were coated in a bit of coconut milk, egg and butter, topped with parmesan and herbs baking at 400 degrees. As the chicken heated and that buttery juice ran off, I drained some of it into the cauli rice while it was still cooking, then left the lid off so it wasn’t too wet. It’s pictured here on the plate as meat and a side, but when I ate it, I topped the cauli rice with the chicken and it was a power explosion of flavor, fat, and so much fun to create!

Note About Cauli Rice

Ninja Blender with 2 Single Serving Blending Cups
Ninja Blender with 2 Single Serving Blending Cups

Unless you are super skilled with chopping, a decent blender or food processor goes a long way in making this convenient. This is the Ninja Blender I’ve had for several years…to see how it works, check out this 90-second keto ice cream post.

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