90-Second Keto Shakes!

keto shakes
Seriously. Ice cream that is good for you. And customizable. And easy. In TWO minutes, if you’re a slow poke! Need I say more? Let’s get to the ingredients.

The Must-Have Basics: A kick-butt blender. Ice. Stevia. Full-fat cream. Salt. That’s it!

The Customizables:  Vanilla. Chocolate. Cinnamon. Strawberries. Blueberries. Sugar-free coconut. Coconut milk. Nuts. Avocado. What else ya got? Spinach? Sure, I’ve made spinach ice cream!

The Amounts: 1 cup crushed ice. 1/2 cup water (or coconut milk, only 1 net carb per cup). 1/4 cup full-fat whipping cream. 1 tablespoon granular stevia. 1 teaspoon unsweetened cocoa. 1/2 teaspoon real vanilla. Dash of Redmond’s Mineral Salt. 2 tablespoons unsweetened coconut. 1/4 avocado (optional but great for added creaminess).

Keto Avocado Smoothie

The blender is key, really, because we’re using ice here. And if you’re brave, spinach! I’ve had a ninja blender for four years and it works great. Comes with a single serving cup that you blend in as well as the regular size for larger portions. I’ve seen blenders for $300 plus?!? Pffft. Ninjas are 1/3 of that price. If you’d like a super duper keto resource, this is the book I bought. Well researched. Pretty color pics. Organized and cross referenced. For more details on how to get your pantry keto-ready, see this Stock Your Kitchen post.

I hope you enjoy the content here, which I am keeping free from random ads so that you don’t get slammed while reading. I have included affiliate links to products I like, which means you can purchase them at NO additional cost…that allows me to earn a small commission. Thank you so much! Keto on, Warriors!

What do I do when I am not ketoing? I am an author. Harper Collins bought my first novel in 2010, and I have since put out an electronic version of Escaping The Tiger. Check out these reviews. Would love for you to read it. Cheers, Keto Warriors!

Escaping The TIger


Make Your Own Bone Sipping Broth

This is NOT a cheesy infomercial, I swear, but want to reduce cellulite? Slow down aging? Reduce food sensitivities by boosting the lining in your gut and improve your overall immune system? The answer is in the broth, full of minerals and gelatin and fat to do all of the above and more, such as strengthening your connective tissue and hair, preventing tooth decay and the ever critical regulation of blood sugar levels. And since I had leftover, picked-over chicken bones, I decided to try to make my own. Because the bones were already cooked, what I made was actually more of a stock, not broth, but I’m learning. The easiest way for me was the stove, dumping the bones in a pot of boiling water, and once roiling, reducing it to a low boil, covered for several hours. I should have added apple cider vinegar to break down the bones, but I forgot. Newbie mistake.


Now I’ve read to simmer chicken bones for 24 hours, but these bones were already cooked. To make actual broth, raw bones work best. I heard butchers may give away their bones? Or sell them very cheap! Gonna have to go beg for some bones! Anyhow, on my first effort, I simmered mine for about 4 hours, making it a stock, not a broth, but still healthy. The next day, I strained out all the bones and chunks, then added all kinds of veggies, salt, pepper, basil, and butter. And one teeny tiny baby carrot for the keto police! It took only 15 minutes to cook the veggies and dinner was done. If you don’t want to make your own, then you can buy bone broth, which I’ve done many times for the convenience. My mix was 3 leftover thigh drumstick pieces and about 4 cups of water. Season to taste. Try ginger or parsley and make it you own!


I tried it a second time and bought a small turkey. Stuck the whole bird in my rice cooker combo steamer, and once all the meat fell off, I cooked the bones for about 20 hours. I had all this yummy meat to add to salads, or fathead pizza and found some keto-friendly mayo to make a turkey salad with chopped celery. So may options, and meal prep is key for staying on track.

For a Keto resource on paper, this is the book I bought. It’s very thorough, with full color pictures throughout and tons of charts and info. If you’re new to Keto and are overwhelmed, check out this post about staples for your kitchen. Keto on, Warriors!

Drink of the Flower. Hibiscus Tea.

Hibiscus Tea RIch in Votamins

>>> See bottom of post for news about my Keto Flatbread!

Now, onto the topic of tea! So my friend Rohan turned me on to a healthy keto-friendly drink. A caffeine-free herbal tea from the hibiscus flower that brews bright red. Full of antioxidants, and more budget friendly than the keto drinks you can buy for two bucks a pop.

I started out buying the tea bags that you can find in the health food section of most grocery stores, but it was a bit pricey. Now I buy the hibiscus flower petals in bulk online, and it is so much more affordable. I use about 3/4 cup of loose flowers and brew them in a typical stovetop tea kettle with whistle top. Then I strain into pitcher, add another teapot’s worth of water and a keto-friendly sweetener. My favorite is Pyure, a granular blend of stevia and erythritol.  You can also save a fancy glass bottle to store your tea in the fridge. I also use an old vodka bottle. Hey, I am repurposing! And it looks cool, like the restaurants that serve you water in bottles like this.

For me, a hug part of the keto WOE (way of eating) is to finally treat my body and my senses with the beauty and respect I deserve. To take time and enjoy the process, the aromas, the vibrant colors that come from eating real food, not processed, factory-made food-like products full of sugar and disease. Knowing how much better I feel on keto, the drastic reduction in fatigue and depression, the energy, the clearer skin and clearer thinking, it all is worth it. A squeeze of fresh lime takes this tea over the top with a pop of citrusy flavor!


Rohan has a fantastic website with all kinds of recipes. He uses actual dried hibiscus flowers that I plan to order when I run out of the tea bags. I consider him a pro, whereas I am still a newbie. Learning is part of the process. Go forth and eat the fat, Keto Warriors!

If you’d like a resource in print, this is the book I bought and love, full of gorgeous color photos and very well researched. For details on how to get your pantry keto-ready, see this Stock Your Kitchen post.

May 2019 Update!

I have started a small biz making Keto flatbread for pizza crusts and wraps, which has 2 net carbs per 2 oz serving. Long term goal is to get a true Keto crust in stores. Check out the Fattyhead Facebook Page to follow along. Cheers!