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I have been doing this keto WOE (way of eating), with all the questions and conundrums, the missteps and masterpiece recipes, the victories and confusion and benefits and learning and experimenting for less than a year, and still consider myself a newbie. But I am convinced this is the way of eating for me. I cannot believe the energy I now have and I am off 3 out of 4 drugs for depression and fatigue. I have turned some friends onto it, have hosted keto sampler parties to spread the good news, and started this blog in January 2018. I am THAT stoked about it.

Besides Dr. Google, I have one book with a price tag of $34.95 but Amazon has it for about $20. Click Here To Read Reviews or Buy It and let me show you why I like it.


First, I trust it. There are 4 solid pages of sources the author used to write it. I belong to some chat groups online. Most are very supportive, but there are some serious keto police out there nagging, and lots of cases of the blind leading the blind, offering inaccurate advice.

Second, it has gorgeous pictures, and lots of them, on every recipe! Third, the organization. There are sidebars and graphs and cross references. Fourth, the options. The author has alternatives for people with varying food tolerances, so dairy free or nightshade free? It’s all covered. And fifth, the author covers the nitty gritty: the keto flu, constipation, bad breath, all of it!




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I hope Keto can do for you what it’s done for me, first and foremost, give me hope that I will never be a slave to food again. And that I can prevent disease and continue to enjoy less pain in my joints, more energy, less brain fog, and more. For a few ideas on how to stock your keto kitchen, I wrote this post.Please poke around the blog…I keep it ad-free so that you can read uninterrupted. You will see links to products I like, and if you choose to buy them, you will pay NO additional costs but I will earn a small commission. Thank you! Best of luck and Keto On, Warriors!

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