Why Bone Broth Sipping is a Thing




Bone broth sipping is making the news these days. I hear there are health clinics that charge outrageous amounts and serve only bone broth. Some of the weight-loss claims in association with bone broth are actually attributable to intermittent fasting, but bone broth does have many health benefits.

For one, it has collagen which is a big part of our connective tissues, so it is good for your skin, reducing wrinkles and cellulite. It’s not an overnight magic pill, but over a few months, studies have shown that it does lead to improvement.

Second, it contains two amino acids, glycine and proline, which help mitigate the effects of a diet with too much meat and dairy products, which leads to over consumption of two other amino acids, leucine and methionine, that have been linked to heart disease and cancer.

Third and fourth, bone broth is good for your gut. Our immune cells feed on glutamine, which is found in bone broth, and it has glycine, which helps regulate blood sugar levels.

And bone broth is a great vehicle to fight the keto flu, which is a transition period when your body is converting to fat burning for energy over using carbs for energy. We lose electrolytes quickly through the urine, and replacing them can fight the keto flu.

Incidentally, a loss of electrolytes is what causes hangovers, so if you are feeling bad the morning after, bone broth can help. It’s a perfect place to add salt as well as spinach, which contains the magnesium and potassium electrolytes that were lost. So salt generously and bottoms up! When you’re feeling better, make yourself a sweet keto treat!

For more in-depth science and stats on bone broth, click here.

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