Comfort Food That Won’t Kill Me!

Why does my heart-shaped fathead dough pizza have dill pickle eyebrows? Great question! Because my comfort food has come a long way, baby.

My Grandma Ruth always had two things ready for me when we visited. Sweet pickles and sausage sandwiches on white bread. God, I adored that woman. She knew how to love fiercely. And the unbreakable grip of her hugs proved it.

And she knew how to feed people what they craved. Unfortunately I craved white bread and sugar in all its forms.

So it’s a rainy day and I’m a little down. Remnants of the out-of-control depression that is now under control through ketogenic eating. And experimentation in the kitchen is one of my greatest rules. I don’t cook inside the lines. That’s why my pizza has eyebrows. But instead of sausage on white bread, I now have sausage on fathead dough pizza crust. And those pickles are no longer sweet gherkins. Dill pickles are actually great for keto eaters because they replace a lot of salt we lose on the low-carb way of eating.

I think Grandma Ruth would approve. <3

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