It’s Like A Potato Chip!


If you miss potato chips, do I have a video for you! Crunchy keto crackers with a 5-minute prep time, made from cheese, sour cream and milled flaxseed. Amazing! Go for it. You can do this, Keto Warriors!

If you’re new to keto, please poke around the blog. I am pretty much a newbie, so I cook simply and explain the basics so as not to overwhelm. I am THRILLED with how much better I feel on keto: so much energy, reduced depression, drastically reduced body aches and pains, and a slightly smaller butt.

Click the following links for some basics:

Stock Your Keto Kitchen

Make Ice Cream Shakes in 90 Seconds

Get your crunch on with a 1-Minute Keto Cracker

Check out the One Keto Book I Bought

If you don’t know Fathead Keto Pizza, You Must!

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    1. Oh dear, that’s not good. Can you give me an idea which links you’re referring to. Thank you kindly!

    2. Wow, I had to log out to see that they weren’t working! They link fine when I am logged in. I had done a copy and paste from previous bog posts…apparently that doesn’t work. THANK YOU SO MUCH for letting me know!

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