Fattyhead Keto Pizza Crust is Coming!

Keto Flatbread Coming Soon!

I haven’t blogged in months, people, because lookie! I got licensed and insured and am officially in business to get a 2 net carb pizza crust…or flatbread…or wrap…into the market. It’s currently only available to people in Kansas City, as I am just now officially underway, but the goal is to get it picked up nationally and into stores…there are many steps to get there, but for now, I am so excited to get this Keto pizza crust out there. For updates, please like the Fattyhead Facebook Page. Cheers!

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    1. Not currently, but that is in the works! If you care to follow the Facebook page, I post updates there. Thanks!

    1. Starting Monday, it will be on the menu at all three Old Shawnee Pizza locations. Eventually it will be there in dough form for you to take home and bake, as well as at OMG Coffee and Donuts in Blue Springs. One that is up and running, I will work toward getting Fattyhead in grocer stores. Thanks for asking!

  1. I love it!! Just had my first at old shawnee pizza and it is crunchy and delightful. Love having an alternative and not giving up pizza!!

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