Read Labels! Make Homemade Keto Ranch

Homemade Keto Ranch with Vegetables
Homemade Keto Ranch with fresh veggies

Summer means crisp fresh veggies, so how about some homemade keto ranch dressing for dipping? As much as I can, I aim for clean keto, meaning I consider more than macronutrients. I consider the ingredients as well. With regard to salad dressings from the store, that means oils. It’s tricky to find one NOT made with soybean or canola oils, both of which are inflammatory, and inflammation is the root of a plethora of aches and pains and health problems in general. So I set out to buy herbs to make my own ranch, and thought I would grab a small jar of mayo. I’ve seen a true avocado oil mayo at Costco, but alas, I was at Wallymart. Hark, look what I found!

Reading labels, looking for non-keto ingredients
Reading labels, looking for non-keto ingredients

But wait just a second. Let’s not be too quick with the harkness. Instead, it’s: Oh, no, look what I found! Canola and soybean oils in plain site in the ingredient list. Inflammatory oils. And corn starch, too. So Hellmanns’s markets it as Avocado Oil Mayo, charges you more, and still puts crap in it. So poo on Hellman’s, I’m making homemade keto ranch dressing.

Homemade Creamy Keto Ranch Dressing
Homemade Creamy Keto Ranch Dressing

Homemade Keto Ranch Recipe:

Mix the following: 1/2 cup of sour cream, 1 tablespoon of heavy whipping cream, and a pinch of all the rest of this stuff, in order of largest to smallest pinch: onion powder, dill weed, chives, himalayan pink salt, pepper, lemon juice and pickle juice.

Just look at that lusciousness! I didn’t even need the mayo. And before the keto police bash me with their keto baton for the picture with carrots and tomatos, it’s a measly TWO baby carrots for less than one net carb and THREE measly grape tomatoes. Not advocating giant piles of carrots here. 🙂

If you’re new to keto, please poke around the blog. I am pretty much a newbie, so I cook simply and explain the basics so as not to overwhelm. I am THRILLED with how much better I feel on keto: so much energy, reduced depression, drastically reduced body aches and pains, and a slightly smaller butt.

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