Keto Crackers From Fathead Dough

img_20180304_2055071432031043.jpgA comment lament among those starting ketogenic eating is: I MISS BREAD! So learn yourself some fathead dough tricks, from pizza crust to rolls to crackers, it is super easy and surprisingly delish. Four ingredient fathead dough recipe: mozzarella cheese, cream cheese, almond four, egg. Boom, you’re on your way.  From there, make it your own. Add italian seasoning or parsley or toasted sesame seeds. I added milled flaxseed to some of them.


In a glass bowl, heat 1.5 cups mozzarella and 2 ounces cream cheese for a minute or so, til melty and gooey. Add 3/4 C. almond flour and an egg. Pinch of salt perhaps, or whatever lights your keto fire. Roll the dough between parchment paper. Use cookie cutters or the rim of a glass to cut various shapes, then pop it right in oven on the parchment paper for about 10 minutes on 400. I flip mine over to brown on both sides. Add the seeds or flax prior to cooking.

Trick: use a cutting board to slide the parchment paper in and out of the oven. Make a quick cream-cheese based dip or use salsa or avocado or olives and get to dipping!

Makes about 35 Ritz-sized crackers.

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