Meatballs N Marinara

Buy-bye white flour pasta! Who needs it with all those veggies and Rao’s Marinara which is low carb and a melody in your mouth, 4 net carbs compared to some sauces I’ve seen that have 14 net carbs per the same 1/2 cup serving.  Since I was new at this cooking thing and had never made a meatball in my life, I bought pre-made pork meatballs but then dumped them in a bowl, added the same amount of ground turkey, plus a tad more parmesan, italian seasoning, salt n pepper, then reshaped and baked. I also recently discovered parchment paper. I could kiss that stuff! Those are the meatballs you see in the pic. But I’ve made them since without the pre-made meatballs, because I bet there was starch in them. They hold together just fine without a binding agent, but I did use eggs.

I cook and season the peppers and onions in Kerrygold and set aside. Then steam the broccoli, celery, a smidgeon of baby carrots because they are heavy on sugar, along with salt and basil and stir into pepper medley with sauce and meatballs. Then comes the topping of fresh spinach and shredded parmesan.

You’ll never miss the spaghetti!

Dairy-Free Option: Skip the eggs and parmesan. and butter. Bake them instead of frying so they hold together better. Fat can serve well to bind them. A grass-fed beef would be ideal. But one trick to keto is that if you can’t afford the more expensive options for meat, then buy the leanest cuts you can afford, and add back your own healthy oils, which are coconut, avocado, olive oils, ghee, nitrate free bacon. I haven’t tried it, but some use bacon as a binder.

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