Monkey Butt Bagel, Anyone? It’s Keto!



You’ve heard of monkey bread, right? With regular old wheat flour and a pile of sugar and general insulin-spiking ingredients? Well, I accidentally made monkey-butt bagels, but despite the look, they ARE keto, and they taste like paradise. Keto bagels that taste like bread! I cannot take one iota of credit for the recipe. That is here: Low Carb Bagel. I do, however, take accidental credit for the shape. I simply did not make the dough strand long enough before creating my ring, but for a first attempt, not too shabby. Oh, and I shaped a few as regular rolls as well. Easy peasy, but your hands will get sticky and doughy.


Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 7.02.50 AM

For the topping on half, I roasted sesame seeds and milled flax seed in my beloved Kerrygold butter. Not sure how they will taste once they have cooled, but wow! And the texture is decent! These ingredients are similar to the Fathead pizza dough that I keep hearing about but have not tried. Look out, tomato sauce and black olives…I am coming for you!


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