Stocking Your Keto Kitchen

Keto can be overwhelming, but once you know some basics, you can start simply and incorporate more as you go. Every keto kitchen needs a few staples: the proper fats and oils (coconut oil, avocado oil, grass-fed butter, olive oil for low heat use), mineral salt to replace lost electrolytes (losing potassium, magnesium and salt…

1-Minute Crunchy Keto Cracker

  Laura wants a cracker! <<< That was me a half hour ago. I’ve made fathead keto crackers before, but those take time. I wanted a crunchy cracker and I wanted it fast, so I hit up google. Good grief, some had more ingredients than I cared to count, along with melting and stirring and…

One-Pan Dinner: Keto Sloppy Joes!

Flavors from India make these sloppy joes zing! This is an easy, fast keto meal with a real twist on traditional sloppy Joes. And it works for families with non keto eaters in the house. In the video, which is only a minute long, I misspoke when I said olive oil. I meant avocado oil….

Full Fat Chicken Alfredo!

Love alfredo sauce but know that pasta is not keto friendly? I use a lot of mushrooms instead of pasta because they can bulk up the sauce like a shell noodle would. I also love using more than the broccoli floret. The stems, steamed first, can offer that bulk when you ditch the pasta. Now…

Comfort Food That Won’t Kill Me!

Why does my heart-shaped fathead dough pizza have dill pickle eyebrows? Great question! Because my comfort food has come a long way, baby. My Grandma Ruth always had two things ready for me when we visited. Sweet pickles and sausage sandwiches on white bread. God, I adored that woman. She knew how to love fiercely….