OMG, Parmesan Chicken & Cauli Rice!

No actual rice was used in creating this ketogenic meal. It’s cauliflower! I put half  a head (raw) in my ninja to shred that baby. Then sauteed it in avocado oil with 2 baby carrots (uh-oh, the Keto police may come after me for the two tiny carrots), broccoli, scallions, and mushrooms that I’d cooked in Kerrygold. I stir in raw spinach at the very end so that it doesn’t get overcooked and slimy. Seasoned with salt, pepper, red pepper flakes, italian herb, parsley, or whatever you like…experiment!

Meanwhile, I had chicken medallions that were coated in a bit of coconut milk, egg and butter, topped with parmesan and herbs baking at 400 degrees. As the chicken heated and that buttery juice ran off, I drained some of it into the cauli rice while it was still cooking, then left the lid off so it wasn’t too wet. It’s pictured here on the plate as meat and a side, but when I ate it, I topped the cauli rice with the chicken and it was a power explosion of flavor, fat, and so much fun to create!

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