It’s Like A Potato Chip!

If you miss potato chips, do I have a video for you! Crunchy keto crackers with a 5-minute prep time, made from cheese, sour cream and milled flaxseed. Amazing! Go for it. You can do this, Keto Warriors! If you’re new to keto, please poke around the blog. I am pretty much a newbie, so…

Keto Salad Dressing

Many store-bought salad dressings are made with canola oil or soybean oil, so even though you can find plenty that are low carb, finding one that uses Keto friendly oils is trickier. I don’t bother looking anymore. With olive oil and vinegar always in the pantry, I can make my own in a couple minutes….

New To Keto? Keep it Simple, Smartie!

Fear not! You can start keto in the simplest of ways. Look at the meal above. Fancy, eh? Not really. It’s chicken and sauce from a jar. Seriously. You need just a tad bit of knowledge about the macro goals, which means that about 70% of your calories should come from fat, about 25% from…

Keto Avocado Toast

If you’re feeling left out of the hipster $15 avocado toast craze, fear not! You can do it Keto Style, for a fraction of the cost, and you won’t be messing with insulin spikes because of all the gluten-loaded bread. Here is what you do: Make fathead dough flatbread. Spread on ripe avocado. Eat. Okay,…

Breaking News Re: Fathead Pizza Dough

Freezing Fathead Pizza Dough! I’m not talking about the raw ball of dough to cook later. I mean the cooked wedges or rectangles or circles of fathead goodness that you can pull right from the freezer, top, heat and eat! I’m certainly not the first to discover this, but an experienced keto blogger had yet…

4-Step Tarragon Mushroom Keto Quiche

  I hate doing dishes, so if I can reduce the number of pots and pans and bowls and spoons and whisks when cooking, you bet your dishwasher I am going to do it, as in the case with this 4-step keto quiche. And because it is low-carb quiche, we’re not bothering with a crust….

Excellent Keto Book

I have been doing this keto WOE (way of eating), with all the questions and conundrums, the missteps and masterpiece recipes, the victories and confusion and benefits and learning and experimenting for less than a year, and still consider myself a newbie. But I am convinced this is the way of eating for me. I…

Stocking Your Keto Kitchen

Keto can be overwhelming, but once you know some basics, you can start simply and incorporate more as you go. Every keto kitchen needs a few staples: the proper fats and oils (coconut oil, avocado oil, grass-fed butter, olive oil for low heat use), mineral salt to replace lost electrolytes (losing potassium, magnesium and salt…

One-Pan Dinner: Keto Sloppy Joes!

Flavors from India make these sloppy joes zing! This is an easy, fast keto meal with a real twist on traditional sloppy Joes. And it works for families with non keto eaters in the house. In the video, which is only a minute long, I misspoke when I said olive oil. I meant avocado oil….

Creamy Keto Shakes

If your low-carb diet has you missing ice cream, keto shakes offer that same sweet taste without the insulin spike.