Breaking A Stall: Keto Myth vs Fact

The beef and butter fast. The egg fast. Exogenous ketones you drink, and break the bank to buy. Gimmicks. Quick fixes. Snake oil sales. People are still believing nonsense. Now there IS such a thing as a fast in which you consume mostly fat to jumpstart ketosis, but only in combination with a lack of…

It’s Like A Potato Chip!

If you miss potato chips, do I have a video for you! Crunchy keto crackers with a 5-minute prep time, made from cheese, sour cream and milled flaxseed. Amazing! Go for it. You can do this, Keto Warriors! If you’re new to keto, please poke around the blog. I am pretty much a newbie, so…

Breaking News Re: Fathead Pizza Dough

Freezing Fathead Pizza Dough! I’m not talking about the raw ball of dough to cook later. I mean the cooked wedges or rectangles or circles of fathead goodness that you can pull right from the freezer, top, heat and eat! I’m certainly not the first to discover this, but an experienced keto blogger had yet…

4-Step Tarragon Mushroom Keto Quiche

  I hate doing dishes, so if I can reduce the number of pots and pans and bowls and spoons and whisks when cooking, you bet your dishwasher I am going to do it, as in the case with this 4-step keto quiche. And because it is low-carb quiche, we’re not bothering with a crust….

Comfort Food That Won’t Kill Me!

Why does my heart-shaped fathead dough pizza have dill pickle eyebrows? Great question! Because my comfort food has come a long way, baby. My Grandma Ruth always had two things ready for me when we visited. Sweet pickles and sausage sandwiches on white bread. God, I adored that woman. She knew how to love fiercely….