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4-Step Keto Fajitas!


Keto Fajitas. For family members who are't eating keto, add the tortilla.
Keto Fajitas. For family members who are’t eating keto, add the tortilla.

Keto Fajitas, anyone? So many ways to serve this simple dish, it can satisfy many individual tastes. And for the family that is not all keto, or has some low-carbers on board, a good high-fiber tortilla can add variety while you stay keto and skip it all together!

Directions for Keto Fajitas

Step One: Slice one pound of chicken breast or steak into strips
Step Two: Marinate meat in bowl with:
1 T soy sauce SUBSTITUTE (coconut aminos)
1 T diced green chilies
1 t chili powder
¼ t sea salt and ¼ t black pepper
Step Three: Slice vegetables into strips. Use one green pepper, one red pepper, ½ medium red onion, ½ medium yellow onion
Step Four: Add 2 T avocado oil or coconut oil to pan, heat on medium high, add chicken and vegetable. Stir for two minutes to mix all ingredients with oil and marinate. Cover and cook for two minutes. Uncover and stir continuously to cook to completion. Time will vary depending on thickness of sliced meat.

Keto Fajitas

Keto Fajitas Serving Suggestions:
– Serve on bed of lettuce
– Squeeze on fresh lime
– Add full fat sour cream
– Top with low sugar salsa
– Slice an avocado
– Garnish with green onions and cilantro
– Smother in hard cheese of your choice

If you’d like a resource in print, this is the book I bought and LOVE. So well organized, with all kinds of options for varying food tolerances and full-color pictures. Take a peek inside here.

Keto on, Warriors!

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Full Fat Chicken Alfredo!

img_4637Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 7.30.59 PM

Love alfredo sauce but know that pasta is not keto friendly? I use a lot of mushrooms instead of pasta because they can bulk up the sauce like a shell noodle would. I also love using more than the broccoli floret. The stems, steamed first, can offer that bulk when you ditch the pasta.

Now if you’d like to play around with some keto bread, try the fathead dough for pizza. I’ve made keto crackers from it as well. And look at all that delicious, satiating, brain-satisfying fat! Full fat cream cheese, romano, kerrygold butter, whipping cream!

If you’re into intermittent fasting, this is a fantastic full-fat meal that will keep you satiated for hours. Try eating around 7pm and see if you can wait till noon the next day to eat. A cup of fatty or bulletproof coffee for breakfast is great for a pseudo fast, or a low-calorie fast, and fat is what your brain needs! Our bodies are built to use stored fat for energy. That’s what ketosis is. Did cavemen eat 4-6 small meals throughout the day? No! They ate in a short window of time, then fasted intermittently until they could hunt down the next woolly mammoth. And what did their bodies use for energy since they didn’t have a protein bar to snack on every couple hours? Stored fat!

In addition to the Kerrygold butter for the shrooms, I cooked the chicken in avocado oil…oh heck, watch the video. I explain it there. Bon appetit! Oh, and for dessert, try a keto shake! For a resource on paper, this is the Keto book I bought. Well researched, thorough and full color meal photos.

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