Keto Fat Bombs

If you’ve never heard the term, fat bomb can sound frightening, as in what the heck will happen to my body when I start eating ketogenically, but don’t worry. Fat bombs are good things. You eat them. They can be sweet or savory. They are high in healthy fat, and prepared ahead of time, can…

Keto Coconut Cheesecake Balls

A no-bake keto dessert? I’m in! These would also be considered fat bombs since they are made from healthy keto-approved fats in the form of nuts and cream cheese. I always have nuts ready in my fridge that I buy raw and roast at home in Kerrygold butter. Perfect for snacks, salad toppers, or recipes…

Calorie Restriction Does Not Work

Time to pay attention to What and When we eat, because long-term calorie restriction is actually slow starvation, and your body will fight you…to the death.

Keto Cookies, Oh My!

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