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Homemade Keto Pancake Syrup

Homemade Keto Pancake Syrup from Berries, Butter and Coconut Milk
Homemade Keto Pancake Syrup

Omg. OMG. Oh. Mygawd. Homemade Keto Pancake Syrup might be my greatest creation to date. Dear readers, you must understand…before Keto, I barely cooked. Beyond boxed Mac and cheese that is, and sticking a spoon in a half gallon carton of mint ice cream. I will not babble a moment longer. Here is the recipe.

Homemade Keto Pancake Syrup

1. Heat the following in the microwave for 30 seconds: 2 medium strawberries, 5 fat blueberries, 1 T Kerrygold butter, 1 T coconut milk, pinch of your favorite Keto sweetener, 2 drops of vanilla, dash of salt.

2. Blend that beautiful concoction in your *food processor. Done.

Macros: 7 net carbs | 13g fat | 140 calories | 0g protein

*If you don’t have a processor or blender, this in the Ninja I have and love because of the single serving cups perfect for recipes like this! 5 years old and no problems.

Ninja Blender with 2 Single Serving Blending Cups
Ninja Blender with 2 Single Serving Blending Cups

I recently started using pure Monk Fruit keto-safe sweetener. Very, very sweet so it takes just a tiny pinch. I also like this blend of stevia and erythritol which is granular and about as sweet as real sugar, so easy for following recipes closely.

Keto Sweeteners Monk Fruit and Stevia Erythritol Blend
Keto Safe Sweeteners

The Keto Pancake

Now the pancake itself is from a Paleo Pancake Mix I bought at Costco. Note the crispy edges. Yep, it is cooked in butter. For my teenagers who are not full Keto, I combine the paleo pancake mix with regular mix. If you’re transitioning to Keto, nothing wrong with making small changes as you learn…anything to reduce carbs will help you get there.

What’s My Keto Story?

I stumbled upon Keto eating 2 years after having gastric bypass surgery when seeking a solution to several scary episodes or reactive hypoglycemia, a side effect of the surgery. I had NO IDEA that it could relieve depression, fatigue and brain fog as well. I’ve been at this keto thing about a year, and I do it absolutely imperfectly, but I am fascinated by the multiple health benefits. This blog chronicles what is working for me, which is plant-based, gluten-free, processed food free, low net carb, moderate protein, high healthy fat and fiber. In short, KETO (ketogenic). I bought one excellent Keto Book, which is wonderfully researched with lots of gorgeous pictures. Please check with a nutritionist or your doctor for medical advice, and check out more Keto recipes like:

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If you’re new to Keto, have a look around. I keep things super simple, from recipes to Keto concepts. You’ll see a few links to products I like. If you click and buy, I earn a teensy weensy commission but you won’t pay one penny more. Thank you ever so kindly!


Can You Drink Alcohol On Keto?

Keto Cocktails. Red Wine Sangria

May 2019 Update!

I have started a small biz making Keto flatbread for pizza crusts and wraps, which has 2 net carbs per 2 oz serving. Long term goal is to get a true Keto crust in stores. Check out the Fattyhead Facebook Page to follow along. Now onto the subject at hand…Cheers!

Alcohol on Keto

Can you drink, imbibe, partake of a cocktail on the keto diet? Probably one of the more common questions. The answer to all questions is: you can do anything you want. But what are the consequences? Will it throw you out of ketosis? That, like all things, depends on your total carb count, your activity level, and your own unique body and biochemistry. But you know what? It’s cocktail-thirty, so let’s start with a Keto cocktail recipe!

Keto Sangria Recipe

Get out your blender, or make yours on the rocks!

Option #1: Blend 4 oz. red wine with ice, lime squeeze, 2 medium strawberries, 2-4 ounces of coconut milk and Pyure, a Keto friendly sweetener.

Note: The coconut milk I use has water, but it keeps it light and low carb. The brand is called “So Delicious.” I get mine at Costco, but it’s online as well. Pyure is a blend of stevia and erythritol, and it is my favorite sweetener.

Option #2: Use white wine instead.  It has slightly fewer carbs than red wine, depending on the brand, but I prefer the taste of red.  Also, vary your berry! Hmmm, how about blueberries or raspberries?

Option #3: For fizz, add in unsweetened, carbonated flavored water. I found a combo pack at Costco. The flavors are lemon, grapefruit, and raspberry lime. This does have a few carbs, maybe 2 per can, but you only need a splash to get that fizz that tickles your nose. And it’s cheap! Fifty cents a can. This is the brand.

Alcohol and the Keto Diet

Now, back to the questions about alcohol on keto. For you beer drinkers is, yep, beer is too high in carbs to be a consistent part of a strict keto diet. Wines are lower, but it will cost you 4-5 carbs per 5 ounce glass, depending on the type and brand. And hard alcohol is the lowest at 0 net carbs if it is unflavored, despite being made from fruits and grains, because fermentation and distillation converts that sugar to ethyl alcohol.

Cauliflower rice garnished with green onions
Keto Cocktail vodka in hibiscus tea

So while a vodka cranberry would be out because of the cranberry juice, you can do a lovely Vodka-Hibiscus Tea with a squeeze of lime, as pictured. Here is more info on Hibiscus Tea, which is super high in vitamin C. But beware that alcohol will affect you differently if you are fat adapted on the keto diet, meaning that your body is burning stored fat for fuel as opposed to carbohydrates. It’s a more complicated process than I am qualified to speak on, so for more on the science of  alcohol and ketosis as well as a fantastic reference for carb counts on alcohol, I refer you to a source I trust: Ruled.Me

If you’re new to keto, please poke around the blog. I do things simply ’round here, from explanations to recipes. Need a meal plan or book recommendation? Click here. Want a virgin drink? I promise you that you cannot beat these 90-second keto shakes. I am pretty much a newbie, so I cook simply and explain the basics so as not to overwhelm. I am THRILLED with how much better I feel on keto: so much energy, reduced depression, drastically reduced body aches and pains, and a slightly smaller butt.

May 2019 Update!

Keto Salad Dressing

Homemade keto salad dressing
Homemade keto salad dressing

Many store-bought salad dressings are made with canola oil or soybean oil, so even though you can find plenty that are low carb, finding one that uses Keto friendly oils is trickier. I don’t bother looking anymore. With olive oil and vinegar always in the pantry, I can make my own keto salad dressing in a couple minutes.

The simplest and fastest homemade keto salad dressing is two parts oil to one part vinegar. This is where you can put that apple cider vinegar to use. Or MCT oil to get in your healthy fats. Balsamic vinegar has a lovely flavor. Fresh ground pepper. Himalayan pink salt. And you’re done. Or you can go nuts with herbs or add-ins such as thinly sliced red onion (makes it slightly sweet). Dried Italian seasoning. Fresh cilantro or parsley. Feta cheese. Dill. Fresh grated parmesan. Stevia if you are transitioning from carb-loaded sweet dressings like french or poppyseed or honey mustard.

For the salad pictured here, I used my blender to dice raw cauliflower, the same as if I were making cauliflower rice. Grape tomatoes are delicious and sweet. Red onion. Feta. Black olives. Spinach.

A nice addition to the salad would be keto avocado toast or crunchy keto crackers you can prep in one minute. It was astonishing how wonderful pure, unprocessed food can taste. Once you eat clean for awhile, your tastes will change and you will crave the goodness of just a tomato. Or just a spinach leaf. An olive. And your body and brain will thank you with higher functioning fuel that comes from burning stored fat as energy…ketosis!

If you’re new to keto, please poke around the blog. I am pretty much a newbie, so I cook simply and explain the basics so as not to overwhelm. I am THRILLED with how much better I feel on keto: so much energy, reduced depression, drastically reduced body aches and pains, and a slightly smaller butt.

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You might notice a lack of ads and banners here, which I do so you can read uninterrupted, but you will see links to products I like, and if you click through and make a purchase, you will not pay one penny extra, but I will earn a wee commission. I appreciate it very much!