Turkey Alfredo on Fathead Flatbread

Keto for me, since I never really cooked before, is about experimentation and winging it. A couple nights ago I tried to make bone broth by buying a small turkey and cooking the heck out of it in a multi-puprose rice cooker. Apple cider vinegar should help to break down the bones, but I had to get to the bones first. So I pulled out all the cooked meat and set aside, and continued to cook the bones for about 12 more hours.

I also had planned to try keto lasagna with fathead dough noodles but abandoned that idea for the time being. So here I am with a giant pile of turkey, a nicely browned fathead flatbread, and broth. One of my go to super easy meals is chicken alfredo sans pasta, so I made the sauce, stirred in the turkey and poured a bit of broth into it, added fresh spinach after turning off the heat, and loaded it onto the flatbread that had been cooked the night before.  The final touch was colby cheese and basil, popped in the oven long enough to melt the cheese.

Easy, fast (when you subtract the time it took to make the broth) and pretty darn delicious. So take a chance. Experiment. Have fun. Make your food pretty. Treat yourself right. Keto on, Warriors!

The book I used to get started (I am still a newbie!) is thorough and well-researched, one of the top selling keto books, if you’d like to check it out.

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