Why Eat Keto?

Why Choose The Keto Way of Eating?

Low carb. Low calorie. Cabbage diet. I’ve done them all, and I am set on The Ketogenic Way Of Eating (WOE). Why eat keto? This way of eating was initially developed in the 1920s by doctors at the Mayo Clinic to help reduce seizures. That means this low sugar diet is not only wonderful for your body but also your brain. What happens when you follow this moderate protein, low carb, high healthy fat diet? Your body adapts to burning stored fat for energy (in the form of ketone bodies) as opposed to an abundance of carbs, and that is a cleaner burning fuel for your brain. That’s why it is beneficial for  brain maladies in addition to epilepsy, such as Alzheimer’s, depression, brain fog.

Ketogenic eating is not just meat and grease. It is clean eating, meaning a reduction in processed foods. It is the RIGHT kind of fats & oils such as coconut and avocado oils and grass-fed butter for cooking and olive oil for drizzling over non-heated foods. Fat feeds our brains! And it is an ABUNDANCE of low-starch veggies and even occasional low-carb fruits. And if you’re not opposed to dairy, it is full-fat whipping cream in your coffee, full-fat sour cream and cream cheese in your eggs and taco salad. It is satiating and savory, and with all the colors at your creative fingertips, ketogenic eating is art!

Your macro ratio should be close to this: 70% Fat, 25% Fat, 5% Net Carb.

Figuring Net Carbs: Total Carbs – Fiber = Net Carbs

My Keto Story: 

Keto Cook & Coach, Laura Manivong at KetoCookKC.com
Keto Cook & Coach, Laura Manivong at KetoCookKC.com

In my 20s, I was diagnosed with clinical depression and have taken prescription medications on and off for almost 30 years. I was morbidly obese for a couple decades, and opted for gastric bypass surgery in January 2015. I lost 80 pounds. But two years later, I began having episodes of reactive hypoglycemia and like so many food addicts who fail time and again under the erroneous notion that eating fat will make you fat, I gained back 30 pounds.

The reactive hypoglycemia scared me something fierce. A couple hours after eating sugar or an overload of processed carbs (think chips, breads, chex mix), I would get dizzy, ravenous, confused, feel faint. I couldn’t think straight and even found that my speech would slur. I searched for a remedy and stumbled upon ketogenic eating. It not only stopped my insulin rollercoaster but improved the fatigue that had me bedridden at times and also decreased the severity of my depression and brain fog. I am now taking only one Rx instead of four. I had no idea those benefits were possible.

This blog chronicles what is working for me, which is this plant-based, gluten-free, processed food free, low net carb, moderate protein, high healthy fat and fiber diet. In short, KETO (ketogenic). I am so far from perfect at this thing, but after decades of food guilt, I am done with beating myself up. I don’t play the keto policing game. My constant obsession about food is gone, but when I do stray from keto, I refuse to call myself a cheat…I accept my humanity and give myself grace. And I keep learning and trying, when I am not doing other life stuff, like producing video for a local TV station, or writing novels, or chasing my crazy dogs around the house. Doesn’t everyone do that?

Keto Diet Book
The Keto Diet, by Leanne Vogel

I have one Keto Book, and it’s wonderful, well researched, and full of gorgeous pictures. It’s a bestseller on Amazon and has almost 1500 ratings, averaging 4.5 out of 5 stars. If you’re ready to give keto a shot, here’s a look at what you might need when stocking your keto kitchen. Please check with a nutritionist or your doctor for medical advice. I hope you enjoy my meal ideas and find solutions to your health concerns. I am keeping the blog ad-free so you can read uninterrupted. You will see links to products I like. At no additional cost to you, I earn a small commission if you click through and make a purchase. Thanks for reading! Keto on, Warriors!

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