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Homemade Keto Mayo Avocado Egg Salad

Say hello to the easiest Keto Mayo I’ve ever made! It also happens to be the only Keto mayonnaise I’ve ever made, but I digress. Do this:

Keto Mayo Recipe

In your single serving Ninja Blender Cup, crack one hormone-free egg, yes, include the egg whites! Blend with 1/2 t mustard, 1 T Apple cider vinegar, pinch of Keto safe sweetener, and Himalayan pink salt. Then add 1 cup avocado oil and blend more. Done. Chill that Keto Mayo and get a bowl for the other ingredients. (Next time I will add a splash of lemon juice, but I was out). Now I’ve read that this will last just a few days, so you might want to whip it up specifically for a recipe. Well, looking here…I just happen to have an idea for you below!

Keto Avocado Egg Salad

One ripe avocado, two hard boiled eggs, 2 grape tomatoes, 1/4 cup Keto Mayo, chopped dill pickles. If my fridge had been stocked properly, green pepper and celery would have been delicious. Or grilled chicken. Served on a bed of greens. Make it your own, Keto Warriors! Oh, some fathead crackers or sour cream Keto “potato” chips would be perfect!

If you’re new to Keto, have a look around. I keep things super simple, from recipes, to Keto concepts. You’ll see a few links to products I like. If you click and buy, I earn a teensy weeny commission but you won’t pay one penny more. Thank you ever so kindly!


Keto Salad Dressing

Homemade keto salad dressing
Homemade keto salad dressing

Many store-bought salad dressings are made with canola oil or soybean oil, so even though you can find plenty that are low carb, finding one that uses Keto friendly oils is trickier. I don’t bother looking anymore. With olive oil and vinegar always in the pantry, I can make my own keto salad dressing in a couple minutes.

The simplest and fastest homemade keto salad dressing is two parts oil to one part vinegar. This is where you can put that apple cider vinegar to use. Or MCT oil to get in your healthy fats. Balsamic vinegar has a lovely flavor. Fresh ground pepper. Himalayan pink salt. And you’re done. Or you can go nuts with herbs or add-ins such as thinly sliced red onion (makes it slightly sweet). Dried Italian seasoning. Fresh cilantro or parsley. Feta cheese. Dill. Fresh grated parmesan. Stevia if you are transitioning from carb-loaded sweet dressings like french or poppyseed or honey mustard.

For the salad pictured here, I used my blender to dice raw cauliflower, the same as if I were making cauliflower rice. Grape tomatoes are delicious and sweet. Red onion. Feta. Black olives. Spinach.

A nice addition to the salad would be keto avocado toast or crunchy keto crackers you can prep in one minute. It was astonishing how wonderful pure, unprocessed food can taste. Once you eat clean for awhile, your tastes will change and you will crave the goodness of just a tomato. Or just a spinach leaf. An olive. And your body and brain will thank you with higher functioning fuel that comes from burning stored fat as energy…ketosis!

If you’re new to keto, please poke around the blog. I am pretty much a newbie, so I cook simply and explain the basics so as not to overwhelm. I am THRILLED with how much better I feel on keto: so much energy, reduced depression, drastically reduced body aches and pains, and a slightly smaller butt.

Click the following links for some basics:

Stock Your Keto Kitchen

Check out the One Keto Book I Bought

You might notice a lack of ads and banners here, which I do so you can read uninterrupted, but you will see links to products I like, and if you click through and make a purchase, you will not pay one penny extra, but I will earn a wee commission. I appreciate it very much!

Make Your Own Bone Sipping Broth

This is NOT a cheesy infomercial, I swear, but want to reduce cellulite? Slow down aging? Reduce food sensitivities by boosting the lining in your gut and improve your overall immune system? The answer is in the broth, full of minerals and gelatin and fat to do all of the above and more, such as strengthening your connective tissue and hair, preventing tooth decay and the ever critical regulation of blood sugar levels. And since I had leftover, picked-over chicken bones, I decided to try to make my own. Because the bones were already cooked, what I made was actually more of a stock, not broth, but I’m learning. The easiest way for me was the stove, dumping the bones in a pot of boiling water, and once roiling, reducing it to a low boil, covered for several hours. I should have added apple cider vinegar to break down the bones, but I forgot. Newbie mistake.


Now I’ve read to simmer chicken bones for 24 hours, but these bones were already cooked. To make actual broth, raw bones work best. I heard butchers may give away their bones? Or sell them very cheap! Gonna have to go beg for some bones! Anyhow, on my first effort, I simmered mine for about 4 hours, making it a stock, not a broth, but still healthy. The next day, I strained out all the bones and chunks, then added all kinds of veggies, salt, pepper, basil, and butter. And one teeny tiny baby carrot for the keto police! It took only 15 minutes to cook the veggies and dinner was done. If you don’t want to make your own, then you can buy bone broth, which I’ve done many times for the convenience. My mix was 3 leftover thigh drumstick pieces and about 4 cups of water. Season to taste. Try ginger or parsley and make it you own!


I tried it a second time and bought a small turkey. Stuck the whole bird in my rice cooker combo steamer, and once all the meat fell off, I cooked the bones for about 20 hours. I had all this yummy meat to add to salads, or fathead pizza and found some keto-friendly mayo to make a turkey salad with chopped celery. So may options, and meal prep is key for staying on track.

For a Keto resource on paper, this is the book I bought. It’s very thorough, with full color pictures throughout and tons of charts and info. If you’re new to Keto and are overwhelmed, check out this post about staples for your kitchen. Keto on, Warriors!