Drink of the Flower. Hibiscus Tea.

Hibiscus Tea RIch in Votamins

>>> See bottom of post for news about my Keto Flatbread!

Now, onto the topic of tea! So my friend Rohan turned me on to a healthy keto-friendly drink. A caffeine-free herbal tea from the hibiscus flower that brews bright red. Full of antioxidants, and more budget friendly than the keto drinks you can buy for two bucks a pop.

I started out buying the tea bags that you can find in the health food section of most grocery stores, but it was a bit pricey. Now I buy the hibiscus flower petals in bulk online, and it is so much more affordable. I use about 3/4 cup of loose flowers and brew them in a typical stovetop tea kettle with whistle top. Then I strain into pitcher, add another teapot’s worth of water and a keto-friendly sweetener. My favorite is Pyure, a granular blend of stevia and erythritol.  You can also save a fancy glass bottle to store your tea in the fridge. I also use an old vodka bottle. Hey, I am repurposing! And it looks cool, like the restaurants that serve you water in bottles like this.

For me, a hug part of the keto WOE (way of eating) is to finally treat my body and my senses with the beauty and respect I deserve. To take time and enjoy the process, the aromas, the vibrant colors that come from eating real food, not processed, factory-made food-like products full of sugar and disease. Knowing how much better I feel on keto, the drastic reduction in fatigue and depression, the energy, the clearer skin and clearer thinking, it all is worth it. A squeeze of fresh lime takes this tea over the top with a pop of citrusy flavor!


Rohan has a fantastic website with all kinds of recipes. He uses actual dried hibiscus flowers that I plan to order when I run out of the tea bags. I consider him a pro, whereas I am still a newbie. Learning is part of the process. Go forth and eat the fat, Keto Warriors!

If you’d like a resource in print, this is the book I bought and love, full of gorgeous color photos and very well researched. For details on how to get your pantry keto-ready, see this Stock Your Kitchen post.

May 2019 Update!

I have started a small biz making Keto flatbread for pizza crusts and wraps, which has 2 net carbs per 2 oz serving. Long term goal is to get a true Keto crust in stores. Check out the Fattyhead Facebook Page to follow along. Cheers!

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    1. I got mine from Sprouts. Some Walmarts have more variety than others so I’m not sure, but I have seen it in HyVee, I believe. In health section teas.

    1. I use a whistling tea pot and brew the petals loose. I’d say about 1/5 a cup or so. They’re bits and pieces of the flower in varying shapes so they don’t fit neatly into a table spoon, but easy to add water if it’s too strong. I sweeten with liquid stevia. Tastes like koolaid, but I don’t sweeten it that much! 😉

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