Drink of the Flower. Hibiscus Tea.


So my friend Rohan turned me on to a healthy keto-friendly drink. A caffeine-free herbal tea from the hibiscus flower that brews bright red. Full of antioxidants, and more budget friendly than the keto drinks you can buy for two bucks a pop.

I used two tea bags in the teapot with 4 cups of water. Depending on how strong you like your tea, you could add another 3-4 cups of water, which is the amount you see in the old vodka bottle. Hey, I am repurposing! And it looks cool, like the restaurants that serve you water in bottles like this.


For me, a hug part of the keto WOE (way of eating) is to finally treat my body and my senses with the beauty and respect I deserve. To take time and enjoy the process, the aromas, the vibrant colors that come from eating real food, not processed, factory-made food-like products full of sugar and disease. Knowing how much better I feel on keto, the drastic reduction in fatigue and depression, the energy, the clearer skin and clearer thinking, it all is worth it.

If you want to sweeten your tea, use something that will not spike your insulin, like so many artificial sweeteners do. I used the granular stevia for the tea, although I hear the liquid stevia is wonderful. Time to order and experiment more! And fresh lime makes it pop!


Rohan has a fantastic website with all kinds of recipes. He uses actual dried hibiscus flowers that I plan to order when I run out of the tea bags. I consider him a pro, whereas I am still a newbie. Learning is part of the process. Go forth and eat the fat, Keto Warriors!

If you’d like a resource in print, this is the book I bought and love, full of gorgeous color photos and very well researched. For details on how to get your pantry keto-ready, see this Stock Your Kitchen post.

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  1. Teresa says:

    Can you buy this tea at a regular grocery store or Walmart?

    1. ketocookkc says:

      I got mine from Sprouts. Some Walmarts have more variety than others so I’m not sure, but I have seen it in HyVee, I believe. In health section teas.

  2. Cindy says:

    How much of the actual fried flower would you use instead of tea bags?

    1. ketocookkc says:

      I use a whistling tea pot and brew the petals loose. I’d say about 1/5 a cup or so. They’re bits and pieces of the flower in varying shapes so they don’t fit neatly into a table spoon, but easy to add water if it’s too strong. I sweeten with liquid stevia. Tastes like koolaid, but I don’t sweeten it that much! 😉

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