Calorie Restriction Does Not Work


Here’s what we’ve been told for decades…Energy in. Energy out. Burn more calories than you take in, and boom, you’ll lose weight. Right? And you WILL lose weight, but ONLY for the short term. Just long enough for your body to figure out that you are in long-term starvation mode. Then it says: “Hey, what the heck you trying to do to me?” And it will promptly goes to battle with your brain. Your body that is slowly starving wages war against the brain that has been taught…and clings to…ineffective weight loss concepts. How many people do you know who gained their weight back after all these diet programs? What do they say about that? “Well, I didn’t stick to the plan, that’s why.” No kidding! Because it’s unsustainable long term.


What else have we been taught? “Eating fat will make you fat.” Wrong. Eating too much sugar is what makes you fat. And all those low-fat, reduced-fat, no-fat products are made palatable by replacing the fat…with sugar. Sugar feeds disease. Fat feeds the brain.

Look at this nutrition label. Old thinking says: Oh, less than 200 calories per serving…great! And look, zero fat…wonderful! But people, look at the carb count. 43 grams!! And no fiber!! And only a 1/2 cup serving? What is this…a lollipop? If you restrict yourself to 1000 calories per day of lollipops, you might as well buy the cemetery plot under the nice oak tree on the hill.

It’s time to pay attention to WHAT you eat, which should be what the earth, not factories, has readily available for us: leafy green veggies, meat we can hunt, and nuts and berries that we can gather. Plus the healthy fiber, fats and oils (not all oils are the same!) that come from all of that. And time to pay attention to WHEN you eat. Cavemen didn’t eat 4-6 meals throughout the day. They ate in short periods, and when the wooly mammoth meat ran out, they fasted while they chased down another. They didn’t stop and snack 4-6 times a day. There were no fast food joints and convenience stores on every corner. But their calorie restriction was intermittent, NOT long term. Enter the concepts of intermittent fasting and time-restricted eating, because it is no longer about counting calories. In fact, it never was.

Now, watch this video and learn how to make a keto shake in 90 seconds! If you’re starting keto, a killer blender is super handy, for grinding nuts and making ice cream and smoothies and shredding dark chocolate and making sauces. You don’t need to spend $300. I’ve had this Ninja Blender for 4 years, and it rocks. It has 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon and over 3000 ratings. And this is my favorite keto book. You can bounce around and read what you like. It’s very well organized and researched. Also 4.5 ratings.

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What do I do when I am not ketoing? I am an author. Harper Collins bought my first novel in 2010, and I have since put out an electronic version of Escaping The Tiger. Check out these reviews. Would love for you to read it. Cheers, Keto Warriors!

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